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Hi there! - and welcome to my corner of cyberspace.

My name is Annie-Jo Elizabeth. The first part is never shortened if I can help it.

I'm an administration student undertaking my traineeship at my local library (!!!), dwelling in the beautiful land of Australia. Writing, reading, and dreaming are my favourite pastimes, and I sing in my head better than with my voice. I also like eating M'n'Ms, the colours purple and yellow, and learning about history.

I've been blogging on a private (or closed) blog for about five years, but recently I decided that as a writer I needed to branch out, to share part of myself and my adventures in literature with the scary world out there. purple + yellow will become a collection of my writings, some book reviews and other topics related to writing/my life.

Stick around for a look and check out the rest of my pages to find out more.

Annie-Jo Elizabeth xo


  1. *FIRST COMMENT ON THE ABOUT PAGE* I'm so glad you're sharing with us! :)

    1. Yay! Have a slice of cake for the first comment prize! Thank you for your sweet words. :)


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