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journey to the past // 2018 historical ya fiction releases


If you've been around this blog for a bit (or you follow my Instagram), you probably know how much I adore historical fiction. (Hint: it's actually quite a lot.) I also (surprise!) love young adult fiction. So smash those two genres together + you delve into a genre that doesn't get as much recognition as YA fantasy or contemporary (I think, anyway), which is actually (surprise again!) my favourite genre.

(No, but, literally, I love it so much + if I'm reading a really great YA historical novel I spend half the time being excited about the historical elements because #historynerdforlife. Right now I'm reading Speak Easy, Speak Love by McKelle George; it's a retelling of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing + I might die at how witty it is, but also the characters are right there living history + it's so so good! ... Okay, I'll shush now.)

Today's post is a list of YA historical fiction novels that are coming out in the first half of this …

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