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Helloo, peoples of the internet! For us in the southern hemisphere today spells the beginning of spring and, for me in the tropics nothing much will change. Even so, I like the idea of seasons (hence the post title) and I also like the idea of book shopping (if, for some strange reason, you hadn't already worked that out). These last few months, I decided I really wanted to get some wonderful-sounding 2017 YA releases and hardbacks, and, the day before yesterday, in perfect timing for this post, part of my Book Depository order arrived. (I took so long to choose which books to buy it wasn't even funny. Oops.) A couple of secondhand classics have joined my bookshelf, as well. (And my phone is dying; while I wait for a new one to arrive we'll have to make do with aesthetically pleasing, cosy photos courtesy of okay?)


W I N T E R  B O O K  H A U L  2 0 1 7

The Pearl Thief by Elizabeth Wein // In my next closest town there's this lovely independent bookshop (which sells chocolate and colouring books, too) and I love to visit whenever I can. Last
time, back in June, I picked up Elizabeth Wein's new book. Her previous novels have been pretty popular and are both on my reading list, so I'm hoping this one, a prequel, won't be a bad idea to read first. I'm about five chapters into The Pearl Thief; so far there is lots of Scottish royalty, gypsies, and the whispers of a murder mystery.
A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth // So this is a mammoth story of interconnected families in mid-twentieth-century India. Last year, I borrowed a copy from the library and got almost halfway through before I couldn't extend my loan any longer. I've kind of been avoiding it ever since, but I'm still curious to see how all the storylines turn out, so hopefully one day I'll get stuck into this gold, paperback copy I found in an op-shop. Hopefully.
Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne // Another op-shop find, but also the original sci-fi/steampunk and this copy is a turquoise hardback with illustrations. (!) Steampunk is a genre I only really started reading this year, so it'll be exciting to see where it all began. I haven't seen the movie version of this either. It's a possibility I could end up thoroughly confused like I usually am with classics. 
Eliza and her Monsters by Francesca Zappia // The only book in this haul I've actually finished yet, and I can tell you it is an absolute gem, a story for any hardworking creative or passionate fan. I related to Eliza so much, which hasn't happened with me and main characters lately. I loved how much written words and online friends were apart of the story, as opposed to the more normal dialogue and classmates/neighbours relationships. Also, the illustrations/Eliza's storyworld are amazing. This book and I had a good time together, okay? :)
Gem and Dixie by Sara Zarr // Firstly, the cover on this one is so so pretty in a gypsy/hispter picnic kind of way. (There's embossing on the hardcover, too.) Secondly, it's about sisters and I adore well-written sibling storylines. Thirdly, there's a road trip which is always good. Fourthly, I might cry. And I'll be super disappointed if I don't end up liking this.

So, friends, how was your winter (or summer)? What's the last book you bought? 


  1. Oh oh I loved Eliza and her Monsters too!! Her love of having an online life was so spectacular and relatable! <3 And The Pearl Thief is one of my FAVOURITES. I suddenly want to go Scotland and live in an old castle and drink tea and catch pearls. 😍

    1. (I'm clearly the best at forgetting to reply to comments.Oops.)

      But, yes, I am so keen for The Pearl Thief! Tea and pearls sound like a wonderful combination. : )

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