a double scoop rainbow swirl ice cream cone // this little blog turned one

Facebook memories, people, are lovely things. They remind you of those quotes you randomly liked in 2015 and of your blog's birthday, which, yes (shamefully) I had forgotten. Yeah, I've been here in this little corner of the internet for a whole year and two days.

How freaking cool is that?! 

I'm a bit stunned, really. A lazy Saturday last September, I didn't know what to expect or even if I'd last a year. At the same time, my head was full of grand plans. Not all of those ideas have been implemented, mind you, and my plans, at this moment, are less grand. What I've discovered over the
last year is that I do enjoy this space. I enjoy typing my somewhat strange strings of thought and reading the few comments. I enjoy the community of book bloggers, even if, at the moment, my main involvement is reading and commenting on other lovely peoples' blogs. And, in the next year, I'll enjoy trying to blog more regularly and growing this space. Here's to hoping, next year, I'll have planned out a lovely celebratory post, instead of this spur of the moment, in pajamas and with coffee kind of thing. ;)

In case we haven't met, (*waves*) my name is Annie-Jo Elizabeth. I'm eighteen years old and I work in my local library, where I get excited about books almost every day. I'm a writer who is a quarter through editing my first novel and, besides that, lets five ideas in varying states of completion live inside her brain. I read mainly in my lunch break and if I'm not too tired at night. My favourite genre is YA historical fiction and the best book I've read in the past year is a tie between Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman and Eliza and her Monsters by Francesca Zappia, which isn't counting the Anne of Green Gables reread. I've written 28 blog posts in the last year, of which the most popular is this one, a collection of thank-you notes to authors. (I need to write more thank-you notes, guys; they were a lot of fun.) Between everything else, I listen to musicals (Fiddle on the Roof, any one?), plant flowers (which sometimes subsequently wilt or are dug up by cats), and go on irregular walks. A couple of weeks from now, I'm boarding an airplane and flying to Melbourne, which I am so, so excited about. (I also overuse the word which.) My favourite colours are purple and yellow,  hence the name of this blog. :)

And, if you're still here after that ramble, I hope you'll stay a while. Leave a comment below, if you like; tell me how old your blog is or a few of your favourite things. Also, have this virtual double scoop rainbow swirl ice cream cone in lieu of celebratory cake (I'm not a great cook). Thanks for being here. xo


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