we'll polka for the folk along the parapets

just a small string of thoughts if you care to join this trip through the present state of my mind. a state which includes the Little Women musical soundtrack, hence this post's title. also, if recent Pinterest activity doesn't show one what's going on in another's head, what does? :)

Shout-out to authors who create the worlds and stories for which I could really, truly leave reality. Since I started working full-time, reading has been way more of a  here-and-there, lunch-break, chapter-before-bed kind of thing, so I feel like I'm appreciating novels that engage, fascinate and inspire in a whole new way. I'm loving worlds that can just as easily pull me inside for ten minutes and make me hate myself for leaving as they can satisfy me for hours on end. I'm loving whimsical fantasy, intertwined with history, and not completely serious characters. In particular, I'm loving The Colours of Madeleine series by Jaclyn Moriarty.
- - -
Like four and a half months into working at the library (time flies, seriously), my two favourites about all of that are: 1) The fact that books (from State Library and other libraries we're connected to) arrive almost everyday in the mail. It's like trading because we send books back everyday, too, but it's also a bit like Christmas most mornings. 2) There are little display shelves at the end of sets of regular shelves for showing off books from that particular section. Choosing and changing the books on those display shelves is the best fun. Especially in March when we changed all of them to green for St Pat's Day. Especially the YA section's display, which I've sort of adopted responsibility for. They were rainbow a few weeks ago; now they're all red covers. If I can round up enough yellow-covered YA fictions, that'll be next.
- - -
Right now it's nearing four in the afternoon and my toes sticking out from too-long jeans feel like ice cubes. Last night we had a small fire in the backyard and roasted marshmallows and cheerios. Tomorrow I plan to edit two more chapters of my WIP and possibly buy some books (as a reward, of course). I'm currently reading Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, my first ever venture into steampunk and it's glorious.

What's going on in your life? What did you last pin on Pinterest? What're you currently reading?


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