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 Oh, hi! I, the phantom-creature who runs this blog and underestimated how tiresome yet wonderful adulting would be, is back! So my summer was incredibly hot with not enough rain (if you live in the tropics, you'll understand, haha) and also involved going to my first official job interview, getting said job (A TRAINEESHIP AT THE LIBRARY! I'M SCREAMING!), starting said job (STILL SCREAMING!). Then there was Christmas, Boxing Day (aka reading Christmas gift books day), a surprise two-week visit from my best friend (we decorated pineapples, took way too many photos, and went for lots of walks), and drafting-turned-editing (which is scary, but fun, and mentally draining, but enjoyable, and I know I'm a bundle of contradictions). After procrastinating and rearranging like there was no tomorrow, I finally settled on a happy arrangement for my bookshelf (as you can see on the above photo), too.
AND reading. How could I not mention reading? Remember that summer reading list I made at the end of last year? I read 5/10 books, with which I'm quite happy. And, because I enjoy lists and plans (even if there's a tad too grand) and organising, I've made a new reading list for autumn ...
A U T U M N   R E A D I N G    L I S T  / /  2 0 1 7 
(This'll be my first Stephanie Morrill, one of the brilliant people behind Go Teen Writers!, novel and easily the one I'm most excited for because 1920s, yes? I picked up Burning Bright for a dollar at my library's book sale and it's about William Blake, who I remember from senior English. I saw Sword at Sunset's beautiful hardcover at the library and I've heard some great things about her writing, so excited!)

(I enjoyed both the first books in The Lunar Chronicles, so I'm quite interested to see how Marissa Meyer retells Rapunzel and to continue the stories of Cinder and Scarlet and Thorne and Kai. A Small Free Kiss in the Dark is also a library sale book, but it's by an Aussie author and has a beautiful cover so I can't wait to read it. Stars is a Peter Pan retelling and I just really, really, really want to read a Peter Pan retelling. : P)
(Both The Someday Birds and Braced are middle grade 2017 releases that I've mentioned here before and can't wait to read! Invincible is the sequel to Invisible which I read a couple of years ago and quite enjoyed; I'm reading it in preparation for the third book releasing sometime this year.)

(This one has its own story attached: it's originally a German childrens book my mum loved when she was growing up and recently she found its English translation secondhand. A yellow hardback published over 50 years ago which I am in love with already.)

Do you like seasonal reading lists? What's autumn like in your part of the world? And have you read any of these books? 


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