beautiful people // jo brightly + rob waterbury

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Beautiful People (hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury + Skye @ Further Up and Further In) posts are some of my favourite to write. I'm typing this intro quickly before work (but at the time of actually posting this it's not work time) so without further ado, here's March's edition which I've split in two because both these characters won't stay out of my head. First we have Jo Brightly from Silly, Honest, Kind, a fun novel about family and moving across the country and running a café and playing sports. Secondly: Rob Waterbury, one of the main characters from an epistolary-style retelling of The Railway Children and The Secret Garden ...
jo brightly

What’s their favorite book/movie/play/etc.? // Feeling Sorry for Celia by Jaclyn Moriarty became her favourite novel the first time she read it because it's quirky, simple and written in letters. Notting Hill is her favourite movie like (and she knows this reasoning is sappy) it was her mum's. She's not really a theatre person, not for lack of her grandfather's trying to make her one.
Is there anything they regret doing? // She regrets not dying her hair more than one colour, and not taking time to get to know her parents more or earlier.
If they were sick or wounded, who would take care of them and how? //  Her older-by-ten-months brother, Alfie, would Google her sickness/wound and consult with their aunt who's a nurse, then follow their instructions to the letter. If it meant bed rest and orange juice for three days, he'd find a way to make that happen and force her to cooperate.
Is there an object they can’t bear to part with and why? // Actually, no. She's seldom sentimental or materialistic.
What are 5 ways to win their heart (or friendship)? // Do: go on a spontaneous adventure with her; play cards or LEGO with her younger brothers. Don't: criticise or be taken aback by her green hair; pity her because her mum died and does a lot of the taking care of her siblings; expect her to know everything about space just because her dad is an astronomer.

rob waterbury

Describe a typical outfit for them from top to bottom. // For summer: a braided, almost-floppy straw sunhat; a sleeveless, button-down top with a possible small print/lace overlay t-shirt and high-waisted cotton shorts or a sleeveless summer dress with a cardigan; and either thongs or sandals. For winter: either a slouched or pom-pom beanie; a long-sleeved button-down shirt with a plain, knitted jumper or cardigan and tights under shorts, a skirt, or a pinafore dress; and simple black lace-up shoes.
What’s their favorite type of weather? // Sunshine, but with enough clouds for cloud-watching. It doesn't matter if it's hot or cold.
What’s the worst fight they’ve ever been in? // She has three: arguing with her parents about her old group of friends' bad influence after they snuck out to go partying in Year 10,  arguing with her mother about how it's definitely okay to ask for help, and breaking up with her first boyfriend in Year 12 which involved her screaming a lot for the first time in a long time. 
What names or nicknames have they been called throughout their life? // Her parents call her Bobbie. And her new friend, Merri, swears she'll think of a unique nickname for Rob.
What makes their heart feel alive? // Time well-spent with people who understand her and playing complicated piano pieces.


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