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To Anne Elisabeth Stengl: Thank you for a return to the magical world of Goldstone Wood in Starflower. After three books whose timelines intertwined so intricately, I admit I wondered where exactly the story could go next and whether I could love it as much; thank you for introducing me to new characters and letting me see old ones through different eyes. Honestly, I hope you never run out of stories for this world. I will always take more cat-men, fairy fables, dragons, and enchantments. From me. xo
To Morgan Matson: Thank you for Since You've Been Gone, a novel that squished together a few of my favourite things (friendship, lists, scriptwriting, family, and traveling) and made something so sweet and relatable and fun. It screamed about the importance of not giving up on your friends and of growing as a person without changing for other people - two things I was glad to be reminded of. From me. xo
To Alice Pung: Laurinda was a novel that forced me to think about multiculturalism and about how hard it can be not to change; thank you for that. Yes, I spent a while hating the school of Laurinda, hating Lucy Lam, hating the double standards, and tearing my hair out at the injustice, but maybe that was the point? A lot of the time life is hard work and you may regret how you've changed. Thank you for telling Lucy's story so beautifully and honestly. Thank you that she's willing to work and fight and that she doesn't have all the answers. From me. xo
what're the best books you've read so far this year?



  1. Ohhh, Anne Elisabeth Stengl is one of my favorite authors ever. I was so sad when I heard that she had to stop the series. *weeps* I hope to find her new one, at least.

    I love this idea! :D

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. *cries* I want to stumble across her new books so, so badly! Thank goodness I still have more Goldstone Wood to read.

      Aw, I'm glad you enjoyed, Katie. :)


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