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Today is a strange day because I'm letting the slightly romantic side of me take over and link up with this month's Beautiful People, a meme hosted by Sky @ Further Up + Further In + Cait @ Paper Fury. It's a character-interview/questionnaire-type-thing, only this month there're two characters (aka a couple). So let me introduce you to Sandy Dunmore + Annemarie Bauer, the only couple in my current novel, I Wished for Wings ...

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beautiful people february 2017 // sandy + Annemarie

How and why did they meet? // Sandy, then in Year 10, was doing homework with Annemarie's older brother. Annemarie, in Year 8, questioned the logic behind their argumentative essays.

What were their first impressions of each other? // They doubted the other's intelligence and thought each other rather stubborn. But two years later, when Sandy graduated, they'd grown close without realising it.
How would they prove their love for each other? // Maybe fifteen or so years of coming back to each other after every little argument, sorting out their differences a thousand times, and being the kind of person each needed everyday, has already proven it?
What would be an ideal date? // Their most perfect date was one of their first when they went to Brisbane for the day. They didn't plan what to do or eat or whatever, and ended up visiting an art gallery, eating fish and chips, and walking along the beach. One day, they always say, we'll do that again.
Is there something they emphatically disagree on? // Whether goats are acceptable pets, and whether Annemarie's Anzac biscuits are better than Sandy's mum's.
List 5 food quirks they know about each other. // Sandy drinks tea everyday without fail. Annemarie does practice runs on recipes before making them for other people. Annemarie absolutely hates broccoli, and Sandy hates coffee. They don't have a special restaurant, like some other couples; they like to try something new each time.
What's one thing they know about each other that no one else does? // Annemarie knows that Sandy's childhood secret spot was the Wilga tree at the end of the driveway at his dad's farm. Sandy knows that Annemarie doesn't have favourites - of anything.
What's one thing that they keep a secret from each other? // Sandy's never told Annemarie that he fell in love with her for the first time when she was crying over a batch of burnt biscuits. Annemarie can't love someone so much and not tell them everything, so she has no secrets.
How would their lives be different without each other? // They probably both would've moved away from their hometown of Silkstone - Annemarie to Brisbane, and Sandy to another country town. They'd both be married and raising kids by now, too.
Where do they each see this relationship going? // Annemarie hopes, one day, Sandy will be brave enough to propose marriage. Sandy hopes, one day, Annemarie will say yes.

I hope everyone ate at least one thing with chocolate in it today! *winks* Who're your favourite fictional couples?


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