letters to authors // 01

This is a new thing, guys, that I want to do fortnightly or every three weeks. Think of it as thank-you notes to authors for the books they've written. This week I've picked out a few authors of books that have helped shape my current work-in-progress from a 15K NaNoWriMo attempt five years ago to the middle grade-historical fiction, I Wished for Wings.

(photo from unsplash.com)
To Rebecca Stead: Thank you for Beautiful Stanger. Thank you for making me fall in love with short chapters. Thank you for writing difficult, authentic friendships between young girls. Thank you for Bridge, who wasn't afraid to live a full life. From me. xo
To Jennifer L Holm: Thank you for writing one of the first middle-grade historical fictions I really, truly loved, Penny from Heaven. Thank you for writing relatable history with messed-up, crazy extended families. Thank you for introducing me to using your family history as writing inspiration. From me. xo
To Nancy Rue: Thank you for writing about a girl who feels left out and has a lot to learn in Lucy Doesn't Wear Pink. Thank you for introducing  Lucy to people who want to help her learn. Thank you for writing a strong boy-girl friendship between Lucy and JJ. From me. xo
To Cecily Anne Paterson: Thank you for shy, insecure Jazmine of Invisible. Thank you for writing about mental illness in such a loving, non-judgemental way. Thank you for intertwining classic literature with the plot, and a setting (Australia) that I could picture without having to be told or use Google. From me. xo
which authors/books helped shaped your writing or your current work-in-progress?


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