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Confession/Story Time: The last couple of weeks have been quite limbo-ish and crazy for me. There've been unforeseen, kinda horrid circumstances and then the inevitable thing which is finishing school (which kinda freaks me out because it is huge and afterwards I have to start something new or scary or both). Honestly, I stress easily and worry too much (especially about little things). Sometimes it helps to calm down and get some perspective. Therefore, a list of things I should do more often in order to not go insane ...

X Take a walk through the park, the street, the bush, or around the backyard. Bring headphones to lose yourself in music, or look around and appreciate your surroundings.

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O Grow a plant (a tree, a flower, a herb, a succulent, a vegetable, anything). Care for it and watch it develop. Give it a name, even. To be (albeit partially) responsible for something's growth is amazing and satisfying.

X Send mail. As in, write a letter, make an artsy picture, organise a care package, etc., for someone else. Decorate the box, envelope, or bag. Throw in a bottle of glitter. Whatever you feel like. The point is to make another person feel loved.

O Cover paper with words. (Preferably If you're me, use a fine-tip Sharpie and a line piece of notebook paper.) Basically, any words that come to mind - not even sentences. Knowing that these words don't even have to make sense to you is particularly freeing for me.

X Feed your soul with encouraging words. Search Pinterest, a Bible, or your bookshelf for positive, helpful quotes or verses or sentences to encourage your soul. Find ones that resonate with you to remind yourself you're not alone.

O Laugh and smile because life isn't meant to be serious all the time. Its lighter, funnier side needs to be seen more often. Don't reject your urge to laugh at a joke, even if it's stupid, and don't let any circumstance wipe the promise of a smile off your face.
The last one, by the way, is hardest for me.
I hope you have a happy day.


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