the introduction of this blogger

So this is what it's like entering the Internet. Scary, but nice.

Oh, hi! Welcome! And all that jazz.

I'm Annie-Jo Elizabeth, and this is Purple + Yellow. My blog. It's named after my two favourite colours in case you were wondering.

I'm a teenage writer/bookworm from Australia. I'm a Christian. Also, I like marshmallows, caramel, writing inside parentheses, history and quotes. (Which is true, but random. Apologies.)

Purple + Yellow is not exactly fully a book blog, neither is it fully a writing blog. It's a mash-up of both, with a bit of life thrown in. You can check out the pages to find out more, or just stick around if you'd like. What I'm planning to post here is a mixture of book reviews, writing related-posts, and a few posts about me in general. You may get a bit of poetry ... maybe. At the moment I plan to post once or twice a week, so stayed tuned for that! : )

I'm super nervous typing this and I'm not sure if I really have any idea of what I'm doing. (Truth.) But apparently it gets easier. (Though any tips or advice would be welcome!)



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