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music, moths, + madeleines // kids like us by hilary reyl #bookreview

When you are not by yourself being confused is a whole different thing. It's not lonely anymore. Once there's more than one outsider, there aren't really any outsiders. - Kids Like Us by Hilary Reyl

From the first sentence, Yesterday, you, Mom, and Elisabeth landed in Paris, France, of Kids Like Us by Hilary Reyl, you are thrust into the mind of Martin, an autistic sixteen-year-old spending his summer in the French countryside. He misses his friends in Los Angeles and his father, and he finds it impossible to fit into this world of general-ed schooling until he meets ‘Gilberte’, a girl from a novel by Proust, a novel that’s taught him much about life, but perhaps she’s not really Gilberte and perhaps he isn’t as much like Marcel (from Proust’s novel) as he thought.
Martin isn’t the stereotypical autistic character: he’s interested in cooking, literature, and music, and he tries very hard to relate to the people around him. I enjoyed learning about the different therapies a…

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